Sorry coriander lovers…Happy April Fools’ Day!

Updated 12pm April 1, 2017

April Fools! Sorry to break it to you, but there is no 5-star coriander-themed luxury hotel (that we know of). We know, we know – we wanted to stay there too. But if you’re keen on a real green getaway at an actual hotel, scroll down and check out our favourite green inspired stays.

The not so real (sorry!) Hotel Coriander

It’s always exciting when the things you love come together. And what two things are more universally loved than holidays and coriander?

Introducing the brand-new Hotel Coriander – an ‘all-things-cilantro’ hotel experience with great big bunches of WOW factor.

Your new favourite hotel has everything to make your green dreams come true: luxurious coriander toiletries, blissful coriander baths, sensual coriander massage, an all-coriander room service menu, a Coriander Kidz Zone for little cilantro lovers, and even a real coriander forest! From its award-winning design to its 5-star service, the Hotel Coriander is the very definition of good taste.

So add some flavour to your next holiday. Book your stay at the Hotel Coriander today!

The real deal…

The Athaneum Hotel and Residences, London

Barnsley House Hotel, Barnsley, UK

Hanging Gardens of Bali

The Palms Hotel and Spa, Miama, USA

Il Salvation, Florence, Italy

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