18 reasons holidaying with your parents was the best

Everyone has cherished memories of their family holidays. Sure, the occasional fights and arguments and awkward family photos may have made some of those memories ones you’d rather forget. But once you get older, and you start handing over your own hard-earned cash for flights and hotels, you realise the value – literally! – of those family vacations.

So in the spirit of family, here are 18 reasons why holidaying with your parents was honestly the best…

  1. You didn’t have to play Tetris to fit the luggage in the car, but…
  2. You could play it on your Gameboy for hours on end to pass the road trip.
  3. Somebody else did your pre-trip washing for you.
  4. Somebody also did your packing. Holding full responsibility for not forgetting anything important like underwear #nopressure.
  5. No planning necessary and the destination, hotel, transport and everything was above all expectation.
  6. The only trip admin you ever had to do was pose for your passport photo.
  7. Road trip snacks were a given and supplied for free!
  8. You could rely on your mum to douse you in mosquito repellent and put aloe vera on your sunburn, with only a mild amount of scolding.
  9. Your parents did all the driving, leaving you to the more important tasks, like singing loudly (and badly) in the backseat.
  10. Pretending to fall asleep five minutes from the destination because you knew your dad would carry you inside.
  11. Your parents throwing out the dinner time rules. Corn chips and ice-cream for dinner, you say? Yes please!
  12. Having afternoon nap time enforced on you. You hated it as a kid but you wouldn’t say no to one most work days now 😉
  13. Spending hours on the beach with nothing but the sand and the ocean to keep you busy—yet having the most fun you’ve had in your life.
  14. Falling asleep on your mum or dad’s lap on the plane. Not so socially acceptable as an adult!
  15. Spending many lazy days with your parents and siblings. These days organising a simple family lunch can be a logistical nightmare!
  16. Recalling the ludicrous things you did years later, and asking your parents, “Why did you let us do THAT?!”
  17. Seeing amazing sights and having incredible experiences—and not paying for a single cent. Thanks Bank of Mum and Dad!
  18. Literally not having a care in the world.
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