Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

The refined shape and beautiful gardens of this stunning pagoda stand out among the urban architecture of central Ho Chi Minh City. 

Pay your respects before a colossal golden Buddha and let your eye follow the design of the beautiful tower when you visit the sublime Vinh Nghiem Pagoda. Don’t miss the attractive topiary gardens on either side of the building and look for intricate details and motifs on the temple’s façade.

Constructed between 1964 and 1971, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda was designed by the architect Nguyen Ba Lang and is a brilliant fusion of Japanese and Vietnamese styles. It is one of the largest pagodas in the city and remains an active place of worship.

Stand in the main courtyard and admire the pagoda’s colossal, seven-story tower with its wide, red roofs and curling gold banisters. Look closely to see that the wall of each level is engraved with an image of a Buddha.

Climb the steep staircase guarded by stone lions to reach the grand doorway of the temple. Once inside, your eye will be immediately drawn to the giant gold Buddha sitting on an altar at the back of the room. Beneath him you will see several smaller figures and a carpet of colorful candles and flowers, left by locals as gifts.

Explore the temple and visit the small room where tributes and photos are left to remember those who have passed away. In this room a second altar, heavily decorated with flowers, holds a statue of Quan Am, the goddess of mercy.

Step outside to relax among the rock gardens and displays of bushes and trees cut into flowing spiral shapes. After a day of wandering the noisy city streets, this is an idyllic place to relax in peace.

Reach Vinh Nghiem Pagoda by a short walk from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Visit the excellent vegetarian restaurant on the grounds of the pagoda, open from morning until late afternoon.