Mirage Volcano

Watch Las Vegas Boulevard light up with spectacular fireballs at this signature attraction, which features a fantastic musical accompaniment and special effects.

Eager audiences arrive at the Mirage Volcano every night to experience the awe-inspiring performance of this impressive sound-and-light show. Take your place next to the man-made lagoon and await the explosions of fire that burst out of the volcano’s rim. This astonishing construction has a collection of fire shooters that blast flames into the air in a choreographed sequence that matches the accompanying musical composition.

Make your way to the lagoon edge and stand amid the crowd of excited spectators. The Mirage Volcano has been impressing visitors with its nightly performances since 1989. Following dramatic enhancements in 2008, the volcano has bigger and better explosions and a fantastic soundtrack composed by the Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and renowned tabla drum virtuoso Zakir Hussain. The performance begins with a massive explosion, followed by a symphony of bursts from 150 fire shooters. Listen to the music and the percussive sounds of fireballs blasting into the sky.

See the sky explode with light when the fire shooters erupt 12 feet (3.6 meters) above the lagoon, illuminating faces in the crowd. Watch the performance from the sidewalk or from within the Mirage complex. One of the best spots to view the Mirage Volcano is from the Mirage entrance, near the valet kiosk. From here, you’ll be a little over 100 feet (30 meters) from the lagoon and will feel the warmth of the flames as they erupt. The finale of the performance features one last explosion from the volcano, which bursts 60 feet (18 meters) into the air.

The Mirage Volcano is located in front of the Mirage hotel and casino, adjacent to Las Vegas Boulevard. The sound-and-light show lasts for about 10 minutes and several times every evening from dusk until late, depending on the season and the weather. This attraction is free to visit. Reach the Mirage complex by car or public transportation. Hail a taxi from any resort, hotel or casino or climb aboard one of the shuttles provided by several venues.