Little White Wedding Chapel

Say a speedy “I do” or renew your vows at Las Vegas’ famous quickie wedding venue, where celebrities including Judy Garland, Slash and Michael Jordan were married. 

The quintessential Vegas wedding venue, the iconic Little White Wedding Chapel has not only hosted the nuptials of many celebrities, but it’s also been featured in films and television series, including Friends, Coronation Street and The Bachelor. Arrange to have your very own intimate wedding or vow renewal ceremony within the famous chapel.

The chapel was founded in 1951 with the express purpose of providing quickie weddings. It has since served as a wedding venue for hundreds of thousands of couples, including some high-profile celebrities. See where Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, as well as Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, were married. The Little White Wedding Chapel was also the setting of Britney Spears’ shotgun wedding to childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in 2004.

Choose between five different chapels within the complex. Opt for the cozy 20-seat Little White Wedding Chapel, the Crystal Chapel, the Chapel l’Amour or the Chapel of Promises.

Perhaps the most well-known venue in the complex is the Tunnel of Love. Originally designed to accommodate those with physical disabilities, this drive-through wedding venue is now popular among many varieties of soon-to-be-weds. As you drive through it, look up at the cherubs and sparkling lights positioned overhead.

To aid with last-minute marriages, the chapel offers numerous wedding coordinator services. Rent limos to take you to the venue, arrange to have a photographer document the occasion or arrange flowers or music at the ceremony. The chapel also offers gown and tux rentals and can even provide witnesses for those who want to walk down the aisle. Let friends and family back home know about your plans and they can even watch the ceremony as it is live-streamed online.

Find the Little White Wedding Chapel on the north end of the Las Vegas strip. The chapel is open daily year-round. To ensure you get the chapel of your choosing, reserve in advance. Some add-on services, including limos, must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.