Auckland Restaurants

The early Maori settlers called Auckland 'Tamaki Makaurau', or 'a place desired by many'. With such abundant fresh produce, the sentiment still rings true. Today, Auckland is home to some of New Zealand's best restaurants.

Sure, you could plan an around-the-world food-tasting itinerary. Or you could just plan a trip to Auckland. This multicultural city is home to an incredibly diverse restaurant scene. Think Thai, Italian, Indian, Indonesian, Mexican. The list goes on!

With such abundant natural resources, many of the local restaurants feature seasonal, native, sustainably sourced ingredients. The result? World-class cuisine paired with excellent local wines. This is dining out you can feel really good about. Here's a quick guide to where to eat in Auckland.

Image: Todd Eyre for Visit Auckland

Dining Precincts

  • A few foodie pockets of Auckland really pack a punch. Ponsonby is a former warehouse area that's filled with hip eateries. Some great spots are SPQR, Blue Breeze Inn and Bedford Soda and Liquor.
  • It's all happening in the wharf areas of Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter, the new waterfront districts. Some of the best places to eat are Shucker Brothers, Baduzzi and Oyster and Chop.
  • Federal Street is set in the heart of Auckland. Try upscale spots including Depot, MASU and The Grill for a posh night out.

Image: Todd Eyre for Visit Auckland

Markets and Food Tours

  • One of the best places to taste Auckland's sustainably sourced fresh produce is the farmers market. Venture north for the hometown favourite of Matakana Village Farmers Market.
  • Another market to visit is the Clevedon Village Farmers Market. For a unique twist, try La Cigale, a French-style street market.
  • Auckland offers many great food tours and wine tours - so you can leave the planning to an expert.

Image: Todd Eyre for Visit Auckland


  • From its fertile soils to its healthy harbours, Auckland is surrounded by natural resources. It's perfect for sightseeing and eating alike.
  • As such, Auckland is home to a slew of restaurants serving local and seasonal fresh produce.
  • Some of the best places to eat sustainable cuisine are Orphans Kitchen, Pasture and Scarecrow.

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