West Coast Tasmania

Pull on your hiking boots or grab a paddle, the pristine coastline, rivers and forests of Tasmania’s wild West Coast are calling.

World Heritage-listed wilderness has stood sentry over this ancient stretch of land for millennia, its remote ruggedness inspiring centuries of myths and legends. Cruise along the coastline or whitewater raft through surging rivers. Trekkers, start ticking off your bucket list. Those who can navigate the Wild West are rewarded with staggeringly beautiful outlooks across mountain ranges, native pinewoods and pristine heathland. Discover the convict settlements and isolated mining towns that speckle the coastline, adding to the region’s rich mythology.

Frequently Asked Questions about West Coast Tasmania

Why was Macquarie Harbour established?

Macquarie Harbour started out as a convict penal station (aka prison). It was known as one of the harshest prisons in all of Australia, but a few inmates did manage to escape. The most famous of these was the Frederick Escape, where ten convicts successfully fled the prison on a ship called the Frederick. They made it all the way to South America!

Who was Sarah Island named after?

Sarah Island was one of the islands within the Macquarie Harbour Penal Station. It was named after Sarah Birch, the wife of a merchant.

How deep is Lake Burbury?

The maximum depth of Lake Burbury is 75 metres. This is one of the best spots in Tasmania to go trout fishing, so be sure to look into fishing charter excursions if you want to catch your next meal.