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    ·       Two thirds of us see a holiday in Australia as an opportunity to reinvest in the local economy and support regional or rural communities

    ·       Over half of us opt for destinations which allow us to pursue passions – food topping the list!

    ·       Over a quarter of us take a trip to learn more about ourselves

    SYDNEY, November 2017: Leading online travel site Wotif.com has today released the Wot’s Your Journey? Report*, a comprehensive research paper thatuncovers the truth about what influences the way we travel. From pets to food, family and cultural background, sports and the occult, many factors influence how and why Aussies travel.

    On the whole we’re adventurous types, with 76% of us keen to try things we would never do at home and over half of us (53%) opting for destinations which allow us to pursue hobbies or interests. Food (24%) and nature/wildlife (24%) top the list, followed by culture (16%), history (16%), music (14%), shopping and fashion (14%), wine (13%), and watching sport (13%). Interestingly, break-ups (17%), bird watching (5%), gaming conventions (4%) and alternative spiritualities such as the occult (4%) also play a role in where we choose to travel.

    Wotif.com Travel Specialist Amanda Behre says: “With so many reasons to travel, it’s interesting to see that Aussies are keen to support the local economy; with many of us (49%) choosing to take holidays on home ground, two thirds view a local trip as an opportunity to invest in the local economy and support regional or rural communities. From Spencer Lake’s pink waters in WA to Aurora Australis the ‘Southern Lights’ in Tasmania, there are so many diverse experiences on offer in our own backyard.”

    National pride and family ties also plays a part, motivating one in three (33%) travellers, who believe it’s important to visit wartime sites where Australian armies once fought in Turkey and France.

    Serious stuff aside, Aussies are also spending a lot of time tailoring their holidays around their pets, with 16% of us Skyping our pets on tour, 25% of us buy gifts and 15% of us smuggle our fur friends on trips. While overall, of those Aussies with pets, 41% are inclined to take shorter breaks or holiday less (37%) to spend more time with our pint-sized friends.

    Our relationships with family and friends also have a major bearing on how we travel. As a nation, we hold family in high regard, with over half of Aussie holidays (53%) spent with or visiting friends and family.

    While it appears an itch to travel is also inherited, with 45% of people having a love of travel instilled in them by their parents, despite only a minority of people (26%) often having the experience to travel abroad as a child. When looking back, the majority of Australian travellers (61%) have positive memories of childhood holidays, which conjure strong feelings of nostalgia, such as a road trip in the family station wagon, despite being largely penny-pinching, no-frills jaunts (61%).

    From our unique geography to our multicultural history, Australians are a diverse bunch with nearly half of us (49%) born overseas or with at least one parent born overseas (ABS 2016)**. We’re curious about our family’s heritage, with almost one in two of us (44%) choosing to visit places significant to our family’s culture. Two in three people with a migrant background (67%) have also undertaken pilgrimages back to their family's country of origin.

    What's going in our lives, and in the wider world also affects our choice of destination. Environmental factors like climate change feature in the thinking of two in five people (40%), who feel a sense of urgency to visit places such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Maldives and Antarctica. One quarter (26%) of recent trips were prompted by a desire to learn more about oneself, with these travellers likely to head overseas, especially to Asia. Trip types include backpacking (65% of trips), adventure holidays (56%) and food or shopping(42%).

    Tumbling airfares, new routes by low-cost carriers and the rise of affordable travel options impact the destination choice for four out of five Aussie travellers, with women (86%) more likely than men (74%) to be influenced by these choices over the next five years. And nearly two-thirds (63%) of parents would rather take their children out of school than travel during the expensive school holidays.

    The Wot’s Your Journey? Report highlights and celebrates the way that Australians travel and what makes us unique. We are a diverse nation that likes to travel to be part of the bigger world picture, but we also appreciate exploring our own backyard. To read the Wot’s Your Journey? Report visit www.wotif.com/journeys/report. Plus to view Wotif’s content series with local brand advocates and influencers and to take the Wot’s Your Journey? quiz, which will help take the guess work out of selecting your next holiday, visit www.wotif.com/journeys.


    For further information please contact pr@wotif.com.


    *Wotif’s Australian Travel Research 

    The Leading Edge were engaged by Wotif to conduct research into understanding Australian travellers. The study was conducted across August to September 2017 and consisted of two components:  1. Online Community of n=40 Australian travellers 2. Online Survey completed by a nationally representative sample of n=1,036 Australians travellers (who had all travelled and stayed in paid accommodation in the last 2 years on leisure holidays).

    The survey was conducted online amongst members of a permission- based panel, between 23rd and 29th August 2017. After interviewing, data was weighted to the latest population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Data was weighted to National Representative proportions to reflect the age, gender and residential location of Australian travellers.

    **2016 Census Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

    Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2016, ‘Census of Population and Housing: Australia Revealed’ viewed 24 October 2017, www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/2024.0

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