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  • Wotif reveals the weird and wonderful reasons people cancel their trips

    Wotif removes its cancellation and change fees, no matter what the reason for changing plans

    Brisbane – 13 April 2015: From needing to skip taking a trip due to a hip replacement (for a pet cat) to having eaten bad calamari, Australia’s favourite online travel destination Wotif reveals some of the memorable customer cancellation excuses people have shared when they amend their travel plans.

    Wotif spokesperson Kirsty La Bruniy said that while there are lots of good reasons to take a trip, Wotif also understands that from time to time, people need to cancel or change their dates of travel.

    “We’ve removed our fees for cancellation and itinerary changes for hotel and package bookings, which now makes it easier and more cost effective to change your travel plans, no matter what the excuse,” Ms La Bruniy said.

    In line with the removal of hotel and package change fees, Wotif has revealed some of the interesting cancellation reasons they’ve heard from travellers wanting to change their plans.

    “One of the most memorable reasons for cancelling included a customer’s partner cancelling a booking because the customer broke his hip by accidentally doing the splits while playing cricket,” Ms La Bruniy said.

    Some of the reasons to cancel a trip, as told to Wotif, include:

    • A guest didn't want his car to get dirty driving up the dirt driveway of the property
    • "My cat has had a hip replacement" 
    • “I ate some bad calamari”
    • A traveller didn’t realise he needed a passport to travel to New Zealand until he got to the airport
    • A customer said they had a cold and needed to cancel a booking (that was for a booking four months in the future)
    • One customer said they didn't know they had to go to the international airport to fly to another country and ended up missing the flight

    And the most common reasons for cancelling or changing a booking?

    • Sickness
    • Injury
    • An event change or cancellation

    Wotif no longer charges cancellation or change fees for hotel and package-bookings, and now offers deals for more than 510,000 hotels across the globe.


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    * Wotif.com no longer charges cancellation or change fees for itinerary changes to hotel and package bookings. 

    * Some airlines, hotels and other supplies may still charge additional taxes, change, cancellation and other fees (such as credit card fees) which we unfortunately have to pass on.