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    Timeline of key events

    Wotif has come a long way since its launch in the early dotcom days in the year 2000. The business started out in a humble garage office in Brisbane with an idea that would transform the travel industry in Australia: people love a great travel deal, simple as that.

    Today, Wotif is internationally recognised as a leader in online travel, and has one of the most recognised online travel brands in Australia and New Zealand.


    The original idea of ‘Wotif’ was born in a garage in Spring Hill, Brisbane with ‘standbyaccom.com’ : online, 7-day accommodation booking window


    March: Wotif.com was launched: 60 properties, 14-day accommodation booking window

    Innovations included: Live inventory, Instant confirmation, Supplier control, rate comparison matrix


    Wotif.co.nz goes live, and establishes Auckland office


    October: Wotif.com introduces a 28 Day accommodation booking window


    June: Wotif is listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as Wotif.com Holidays Limited under the code “WTF, and become known as ‘Wotif Group’


    Wotif.com milestone: 10,000+ properties available on the site


    Wotif Group acquires lastminute.com.au, travel.com.au and Asia Web Direct, expanding the Group’s presence into Asia.


    Jan: Wotif.com expands to a 3-month booking window and releases iPhone site

    Dec: Wotif Group acquires GoDo


    Feb: Wotif launches flights (‘Wotflight’)

    Wotif Group acquires Arnold Travel

    Wotif Group establishes presence/offices in offices in AU, NZ, TH, MY, ID, SG, CA, and UK.

    Wotif.com introduces hotel reviews

    Wotif.com launches flights, and expands to offer 17,500+ hotelsin 56 Countries


    Wotif.com expands to a 6-month booking window


    Wotif.com expands to a 12-month booking window

    Wotif introduces ‘dynamic packaging’


    Nov: Wotif Group acquired by Expedia, Inc. for AUD$703million


    Wotif Group Managing Director Daniel Finch appointed

    Wotif.com refreshes logo, ‘The Home of Holidays’: Millions of rooms and hundreds of airlines flying to thousands of destinations.

    Wotif sites transition to Expedia technology and celebrates 15 years of online travel in Australia and 12 years of travel in New Zealand

    2018Wotif.com launches ‘Aussie For Travel’ and celebrates its 18th birthday in Australia.


    About Wotif Group

    Wotif Group comprises the Wotif.com®, lastminute.com.au® and travel.com.au® brands in Australia, and Wotif.co.nz and lastminute.co.nz in New Zealand. Wotif.com launched in 2000, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in June 2006 as Wotif.com Holdings Limited, under the ASX code “WTF”. Wotif Group is now wholly owned by Expedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE). 

    About Wotif

    Wotif.com is a leading online holiday site in Australia and New Zealand, with one-in-two Aussies having travelled with Wotif since 2000. Wotif launched in Brisbane, Australia in March 2000 and established an office in New Zealand in 2003.


    Contact the PR team: pr@wotifgroup.com