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    Victoria steals the sunshine from the Sunshine State with Wotif Aussie Town of the Year awards
    16 January 2019 – Today, leading online travel site Wotif has revealed the winners of the 2019 Wotif Aussie Town of the Year awards, recognising ten deserving locations across the country that have made a unique contribution to Australian tourism. Looking beyond traditional domestic hotspots and backed by Wotif’s 18-year Australian heritage, the awards aim to support local communities by encouraging Aussies to discover more of their own backyard.
    Chinchilla is one in a melon!
    Wotif reveals Australia’s ‘Next Big Thing’: The Big Melon in Chinchilla, Queensland 14 November 2018 – Today, leading online travel site Wotif has announced Chinchilla (QLD) as the home of Australia’s ‘Next Big Thing’, unveiling the newly-constructed Big Melon and ending a two-month nationwide pursuit to create Australia’s next oversized roadside attraction. Arguably the juiciest ‘Big Thing’ in Australia, The Big Melon adds to Queensland’s legion of iconic structures, with the state home to almost a third of Australia’s ‘Big Things’ including the Big Pineapple and the Big Mango.
    Queen’s Birthday the Most Affordable Long Weekend to Travel in NSW

    Not only is June one of the cheapest times to travel in Australia, new data from leading online travel site Wotif.com, reveals the June long weekend is the cheapest long weekend of the year to travel in New South Wales, with a predicted average accommodation rate of $197 per night*. In fact, according to Wotif, a June long weekend getaway is over 10% cheaper than an October long weekend getaway*.

    Top Places to Chase the Sun this Winter, according to the Wotif.com Winter Heat Index
    With winter here, leading online travel site, Wotif has crunched the numbers to uncover the best holiday destinations to chase the sun this winter, both in our Aussie backyard and overseas. Analysing accommodation costs, year-on-year search growth, average temperature, rainfall, travel time and distance from the coastline, the Wotif Winter Heat Index provides Aussies with insider knowledge on the best destinations to visit over the winter months.
    School Holiday Money Woes
    With school holidays in full force across the country, research from online travel site Wotif.com shows 78% of parents look forward to the school holidays and 45% of families often go away with their kids during the school holidays* but despite this, the rising cost of living is one of the largest growing concerns for Australians. Most of us (76%) believe the rising cost of living will impact our holiday choice over the next five years, with mid and young families most (81%) likely to be impacted**.