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    SYDNEY, June 30, 2015 –Routehappyand the Expedia group announced Routehappy’s differentiated “happiness” data is now integrated into the global flight shopping experience, including most Expedia sites worldwide, Travelocity sites in North America and Wotif, lastminute.com.au and lastminute.co.nz in Australia / New Zealand

    Routehappy created the definitive, unbiased Flight Score, by cabin, for every flight worldwide. Flight Scores are comprised of aspects of the flight experience that flyers care about, including aircraft, seat, amenities, trip duration, and ratings. Routehappy continuously researches and validates fragmented data from hundreds of sources to offer a reliable and personalized measure of flight quality. In addition, Routehappy’s newest amenity, Fresh Food, is also now available on more than 100 airlines worldwide. Expedia’s rollout brings useful information to flight shoppers worldwide and continues to help airlines highlight their differentiated product enhancements and offerings to travelers across the globe.

    “Expedia is continuing the roll-out of our Routehappy partnership to help travelers everywhere make the most informed flight decision possible,” said Greg Schulze, Senior Vice President, Global Tour and Transport, at Expedia. “By rolling out Routehappy happiness data, we’re leading the industry to benefit consumers and airlines alike.”

    “Our partnership with Expedia underscores Routehappy’s commitment to be the industry’s source for differentiation data, content and tools to create more value in flight shopping,” said Robert Albert, CEO at Routehappy. “Flyers benefit from better information when they shop for flights, and airlines benefit from the ability to tell flyers about their product offerings and enhancements. We’re creating data, content, and tools to help the industry transform flight shopping to benefit the entire ecosystem — from flyers, to airlines, to distributors, to technology platforms. Expedia’s leadership is satisfying consumer and industry demands at jet speed.”

    For more information on Routehappy, including a demo flight search application, information on products, and recent company news, please visit www.routehappy.com.



    The flight experience is a really important part of a great holiday for many Aussie travellers, and Wotif is pleased to now include Routehappy flight ratings in flight search results for some domestic and international flight routes available for booking on the Wotif site.

    Given the Routehappy flight score reflects collective insights about past customer experiences, as well other insights such as amenities, and past timeliness of the same airline and route, among other things. We hope the inclusion of this rating helps travellers make more informed decisions about which flight is ideal for their trip.

    A recent survey by Wotif revealed more than half (57%) of Australian travellers believe the flight experience is so important to a great holiday because, from the moment they board a plane, they know their holiday 'has begun'. Twenty five per cent of travellers revealed that 'time and efficiency’ of the flight was the most important ingredient when starting a great holiday*.


    The above statements can be attributed to Kirsty La Bruniy, Wotif’s travel specialist.


    *Based on results from the Wotif High Flyer survey of more than 14,800 responses by Australians.




    Routehappy is the product differentiation platform for air travel, providing the industry with data, content, and tools to improve flight shopping. Routehappy’s Scores & Amenity API rates flights worldwide and provides amenities like seat, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, and fresh food by flight. Routehappy Hub is a SaaS platform that enables airlines to organize, target, and deliver their product attributes wherever flights are sold, helping airlines better monetize their products. Routehappy recently announced data licensing partnerships with Expedia and Google and released a Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi. Routehappy is based in New York. For more information, visit www.routehappy.com.



    Wotif.com®, lastminute.com.au® and travel.com.au® in Australia, and Wotif.co.nz and lastminute.co.nz in New Zealand are leading online travel brands. Wotif.com launched in 2000, and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in June 2006 as Wotif.com Holdings Limited, under the ASX code “WTF” until Monday 17 November 2014. Wotif is now wholly owned by Expedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE).