16 reasons why cousins make the best travel buddies

Family holidays and big events like Christmas were chaotic when we were young. They were loud, fun, and everyone got together, including all the cousins.

Sure, it was nice to see everyone – grandparents, aunts and uncles. But let’s face it, we were most excited about seeing the cousins. It was like seeing old friends, while sharing the same genes – and maybe even jeans if you were the same height 😉👖

Holidaying with your cousin was awesome. Admit it. So, why wouldn’t you do it again now that you’re all grown up?

We think you should. So here are 16 reasons why cousins make the best travel buddies.

1. Old memories

There’s no reason you can’t go on a fun holiday now, just like during your childhood. Go on – relive those cherished memories.

2. And new ones too

And now as adults, you can make new memories too.

3. They know the drill

You’ve all been on holiday together before, or at least stayed over at each other’s houses. You know what you need to do to make the good-time magic happen.

4. And how everyone operates

They know what makes you tick, what doesn’t, and when to give you your space. They’re like a sibling, but less annoying.

5. You’ve got each other’s backs

You’re family! Together, you can tackle anything. Including the epic struggle to get out of bed and down to the brekkie buffet before all the hash browns disappear 🤤

6. They ‘get’ your postcard duties

They know Nan and Pop will want a postcard, even though they’re both on Facebook now and you’re only going away for a weekend. They’ll even help you pick it out while you message your parents for the address… again.

7. They know what you like

Sometimes even better than you do. Trust them – they’ve known you longer than your best friend. If they say you’ll enjoy this new food, extreme ride or weird tourist attraction, go for it!

8. And what you don’t like

Okay, they know that some things reeeeally aren’t for you (like new foods, extreme rides or weird tourist attractions). But come on – just try them anyway. Your cousin would never lead you too far astray.

9. They know how to come together

Bring on the good times!

10. And when to give you space

Usually after those good times, which might have involved one too many bevvies and far too many hilarious trips down memory lane (often at the expense of your other, less awesome cousins – suckers 😜).

11. You can really let your hair down

Sometimes when you holiday with friends, it can take a while to relax. If you haven’t lived together, you might have to get used to each other’s habits – or you might find yourselves being overly polite. But not with cousins. You’re family, which means you can truly relax.

12. You’ll be the toast of the family

Or the envy of it. Just think how happy your parents, aunts and uncles will be to see holiday photos of you and your cousin/s having a ball together again. And how jealous your siblings and other cousins will be as your pics keep rolling in while they’re stuck at work 😜

13. Differences don’t matter

Okay, you’re not kids anymore. You might have grown up to have very different lives. But there’s something about family where often those differences just don’t seem to matter. And that’s just awesome 😄

14. It’s just like old times

In a funny way, you’ll feel like kids again.

15. They just get it

They just do.

16. They’re ready when you are

So, where to? Round up the troops, send out that group text and start looking for the perfect holiday spot.

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