Truongtien Bridge

Wander along the riverside and gaze up at the tops of the six steel arches that light up in delightful colors at nighttime.

The Truongtien Bridge is an iconic bridge, recognizable by its six graceful arches. Built in 1899, it is among the oldest and most important bridges on the Perfume River. Get one of the best views of the bridge as you pass beneath it on a dragon boat.

Stroll along the pedestrian footpaths that flank the busy roads of the bridge. See the bridge at night, when its underside and arches are illuminated in electric light, which reflects in the water. The colors change regularly, displaying bright greens and pinks, among other hues. Appreciate the romantic ambiance as you walk with your partner beside this colorful structure.

Admire the gothic style of this bridge, which is 1,310 feet (400 meters) long. Visit the impressive citadel and its many buildings and features beside the bridge. Southwest of the bridge is a fascinating sculpture portraying a giant head of Phan Boi Chau, a Vietnamese revolutionary during the French colonial period. Relax in the picturesque riverside park surrounding the statue and have a meal in one of the cafés.

On the southern side is a busy commercial district. Make your way through the fascinating alleys for a sense of Hue’s culture and traditions. Stop at restaurants and bars to watch people go by. Enjoy some of Vietnam’s delicious French baked goods. On select days the bridge is closed to car traffic and the pedestrianized space takes on a festival atmosphere.

Note that the bridge was constructed at the end of the 19th century by the same architect responsible for the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was damaged and repaired several times over the years, notably after a storm in 1904 and a war with France in 1946.

The Truongtien Bridge crosses the Perfume River in the center of Hue. Take a bus to a nearby stop or drive and leave your car in a parking lot by the river. Make sure to see some of the other landmarks of the area, such as Le Ba Dang Art Museum and the Hue Royal Palace.