Sa Huynh Culture Museum

Set in a pretty colonial building, this museum brings to life the 2,000-year-old culture of some of Vietnam’s earliest settlers.

View prehistoric weapons and colorful painted ceramics from one of Vietnam’s most enigmatic cultures when you visit the Sa Huynh Culture Museum. See a collection of ancient burial jars and learn about the Bronze and Iron Age villages where they were found.

The Sa Huynh people lived in Vietnam between 1,000 B.C. and A.D. 2nd century and were considered to be the first settlers of this area. Visit this museum, which is dedicated to uncovering their ancient culture.. Browse through more than 200 exhibits portraying their religious processes, everyday living arrangements and trading partnerships with nearby cultures.

Notice one of the first displays, a collection of roughly cut tools. These metal axes, spears and picks were used as weapons in battle as well as for hunting.

Continue on to enjoy a colorful assortment of ceramics. Alongside large plates and jugs, look for utensils and pots that were used for the preparation of food. These fine, handcrafted pieces have remained intact for thousands of years. Look closely and you will notice that many are decorated with carvings of religious symbols or intricate paintings that show plants and animals.

Perhaps the main draw of the museum is the set of more than 200 perfectly preserved burial jars. These small pieces of pottery are often adorned with symbolic early writing and patterns. Read the information provided in English explaining how the vast majority of these jars were recovered from the sites of four prehistoric villages just a few miles from each other.

The Sa Huynh Culture Museum is located on Tran Phu Street, a short walk from the Hoi An Heritage Center. The museum is open every day and there is a small entry fee. During your visit be sure to also look around the Museum of the Revolution on the upper floor.