WILD LIFE Hamilton Island

Rise early and have breakfast with the koalas in this compact Australian wildlife park in the stunning Whitsunday Island region of Queensland.

WILD LIFE Hamilton Island is a small animal park that serves as a refuge for the local wildlife, including cassowaries, dingoes, crocodiles, pademelons and other species that tend to be tricky to spot in the wild.

Come early to enjoy Breakfast with the Koalas in the café dining area. Pick any dish you like from a typical Aussie-style breakfast buffet. Watch how the koalas get fed eucalyptus leaves, which they calmly chomp on as you enjoy your eggs, bacon and sausages cooked on the barbecue. Kids and adults alike will love this unforgettable morning ritual.

If you missed breakfast time, you can still cuddle a koala and get your photo taken for a souvenir of your visit afterwards. Photo sessions are held once in the mid morning and once in the mid afternoon, but are reserved for those over 12 years old only.

Afterwards, meet and greet all the other animals in the exhibits during the daily Macropod and Marsupial Tour. Help feed the kangaroos and the much smaller pademelons.

At the end of the morning, you can pet some of the reptiles and birds for another great photo opportunity. Meet Freddie the talking cockatoo and pose with a snake draped around your neck. Watch in awe as the resident crocodile swims by in its enclosure, following you with its eyes.

Afterwards, follow the guide to the enclosed area for a dingo encounter. This may be your only chance to pose with one of these wild and fearsome dogs in a safe setting.

WILD LIFE Hamilton Island is open year-round and is conveniently located on the resort side of the island. It is advised to book the koala cuddling session by email ahead of your visit. Note that koala cuddling is not possible on Mondays and Fridays.

An entry fee applies, with discounted rates for children. In between animal visits, you can get refreshments and snacks in the on-site café. Re-enter WILD LIFE as many times as you like during your entire stay on Hamilton Island. It’s a chance to come back in the late afternoon, when the crocodile gets a feed and the other animals become more active again.