Catseye Beach

Swim, stroll, try exciting watersports or simply recline under the shade of palm trees and enjoy the views from one of Hamilton Island’s main beaches.

Catseye Beach is a perfect crescent of sand overlooking the royal-blue reefs and forested mountains of Whitsunday Island, making it a popular backdrop for weddings. Regarded as one of Hamilton Island’s premier beach destinations, Catseye Beach is a convenient and scenic spot to spend the day soaking up the sun’s rays or exploring the magnificent shoreline. Swim in the shallows, paddle along the coastline in a kayak, skipper a catamaran or grab your snorkel and mask and discover the picturesque shores of Catseye Beach.

Spend some time strolling along the half-mile (0.8-kilometer) beach, taking in the gorgeous vista of the deepening ultramarine hues framed by Whitsunday Island’s lushly vegetated mountain landscapes. Rent a sun lounge and beach umbrella or stretch out on a towel and relax on the soft sands. Listen to the sounds of the gentle waves or watch yachts sailing around the Fitzalan Island Reef. Swim in the warm waters and look back on the resorts and tree-lined foreshore of Hamilton Island.

If you would like a more energetic experience of Catseye Beach, make the most of the range of watersports activities that are available. Rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and follow the curve of the coastline. If there’s a little wind, grab a windsurfer or a catamaran and ride the breeze around the offshore reef. You can also pick up snorkeling equipment and discover the abundant marine life that inhabits the coral gardens and rocky outcrops just outside of the beach. If you want to be shown some of the region’s most awe-inspiring diving spots, join a guided snorkeling tour of the nearby reef.

Go for a leisurely wander along the sandy shoreline. At low tide, explore the tidal flats. Check out what’s on the menu at one of the nearby resort restaurants and try local seafood with fresh tropical ingredients.

Located on the resort side of Hamilton Island, Catseye Beach is easily accessible and has plenty of convenient amenities. The beach is within easy walking distance or a short buggy ride from anywhere on the island. The beach is free to visit, however equipment rental prices vary.