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Townsville to Cairns - Flight Route Details

The distance and aircraft type by airline for flights from Townsville Airport to Cairns Airport.

Origin Townsville Airport (TSV)
Destination Cairns Airport (CNS)
Distance 285.61 kilometers

Flight Route Schedule - Townsville to Cairns

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Cheap fares from Townsville to Cairns

There’s nothing quite like a day in Townsville. From selfies on The Strand to browsing boutiques, you’ve pretty much got it made. But you’ve got things to do up in Cairns, and you need to get there yesterday. Maybe you’ve got business at the Great Barrier Reef (hey, your dealings with the fish are none of our concern). Or maybe you just want to relax in the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

Whatever your reasoning, Wotif’s Townsville to Cairns flights will get you to “the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef” after just under an hour in the sky.

Townsville Airport

Start off your trip at Townsville Airport (TSV), about 5 km from the central business district. The airport’s lone terminal sees just under a dozen airlines fly out on a daily basis, including Qantas and Jetstar. If you can’t bear to go from Townsville to Cairns with an empty stomach, grab a hot cup of coffee or a full meal at one of the cafes or restaurants. Need a sip of wine? Yup, TSV’s got that, too.

Cairns Airport

Once the wheels touch down at Cairns Airport (CNS), go wild! CNS is just over 5 km from downtown Cairns, so you can easily snag a taxi or bus, or hook up with the Airport Connect Shuttle, which will get you to the Translink system. Or, you know, find yourself one of Wotif’s sweet car hire deals and drive off into the sunset. When you’re ready to head home, kick it at Cairns for a bit. Knock back a cold one at the brewpub, or wolf down a burger or some sushi at one of the restaurants before your flight. And did you forget to grab a souvenir for your mum? Stop by the store right this minute.

Things to Do Near CNS

You probably aren’t coming to Cairns just to stay indoors, so slap on some sun cream and get moving. A trip to Kuranda is definitely in the cards, as is a trip on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. But admit it, you’re here for the Great Barrier Reef. Get the best of both worlds with our Green Island Reef Cruise, which takes you to a coral cay where you can snorkel, beachcomb or just relax. Can’t live with just one trip out? Book Cairns accommodation and make another trip…and another…and another…

Can’t wait to set up your trip, can you? We thought not. Whether you need flights from Townsville to Cairns or have a slightly more far-flung destination in mind, Wotif has you covered.

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