Built on the irresistible glitter of gold, Ballarat’s stately old buildings tell the story of the city.

Victoria’s largest inland city is a boomtown fairytale. Scratch the surface and you might find treasures of your own. Explore 19th-century streets where time stopped the moment iron lace was added to the broad verandas. But there’s more to Ballarat than history. A pretty lake, rambling parklands, excellent dining and traditional corner pubs make this regional gem worth unearthing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ballarat

Why is Ballarat famous?

The history books will tell you Ballarat is famous for its status as a gold mining boom town during the 1850s. Local residents, however, will vouch for the region's reputation as an emerging foodie destination, with awesome wineries, galleries and museums to boot.

When was gold first discovered in Ballarat?

As local historians tell the story, the first gold discovery in Ballarat was reported on August 2, 1851 by Thomas Hiscock. Follow in his footsteps and pan for gold in the creek at Red Hill Gully Diggings in Sovereign Hill.