10 pets who do holidays right

There’s more to our pets’ lives than just cuddles on the couch, morning walks, and leftovers. Many pets are also holiday experts – even more than some of us humans. Here are 10 cute, cuddly, fluffy, mischievous, and adventurous pets who know exactly what great holidays are made of. They’ve all been nominated by their humans, who are members of the Wotif Facebook community. Thanks to everyone who shared their fur baby pics with us.

Now, without further ado… 10 pets who do holidays right!

1. Munchkin knows that a holiday full of music and vines is a holiday well spent. Well done, Munchkin!

2. Not only does Charlie love relaxing, but he also knows how important it is to be sun smart. Clever boy!

3. Even guinea pigs love a day at the beach. This little guy proves that we all have beach bodies 👙

4. Is there anything better than setting sail on a beautiful clear day? Not to Frank the miniature foxie. What a star!

5. Betty is ready for an awesome day at the beach with a cute outfit to match. Love your work, Betty.

6. With his beanie, jacket, and tiny doggy booties, Ben is all ready for a day in the snow. 10/10 for holiday style and comfort!

7. That wind-in-your-hair, salt-in-the-air feeling never gets old. This little guy knows how to make the most of it.

8. Shelby is clearly an organised traveller who likes to tick all the important landmarks off her holiday list. Excellent forethought and planning, Shelby!

9. Frazil isn’t your regular home-loving cat. She knows the value of getting out of her comfort zone. Adventures await this kitty.

10. Should we let Charlie know that the view is the other way? Nah. He knows that the best holidays are the ones we do our own way. So wise!

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