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Millions of hotel reviews from Aussie travellers and a wealth of local knowledge. Check out Wotif Insider

The online destination for travel deals. Anytime, everyday there will be a travel deal perfect for your next trip.

Search, plan & book everything – flights, hotels, packages, activities, car hire and travel insurance… all here.

Local Knowledge

Wotif.com launched in 2000 as Australia’s first online travel agent website. Since then we have helped 1-in-2 Aussies on a trip around Australia, New Zealand and the world. How can you benefit from this know-how?

Verified Reviews

Search from more than 9 million people who've travelled the world, including trusted reviews from more than 1.5 million Aussies who have traveled with Wotif.

Get Inspired

Be inspired for your next trip by checking out www.wotif.com/wotifinsider, your go-to for top travel tips and advice from our local travel experts.

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Local Promotions

Whenever local public holidays, school holidays or events are coming up, Wotif will showcase our top deals to a variety of destinations so you can still find our recommendations for travel during even the most popular times of the year. We recommend booking as early as possible to snap up the best deal.

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Everyday Deals

No hotel booking fees

Wotif is the online destination for travel deals. Book with confidence with our Price Promise and rest assured that for your hotel booking there are no Wotif booking fees. Here are some tips on how to find our best value

Flaming Deal® Packages

These are our best package combinations of flights and hotels to destinations in Australia and around the world. The savings are huge – sometimes even equivalent to the cost of your flight. Look out for the Flaming Deal® Package symbol to search these offers.

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Wotif Daily Deals

New amazing deals every day on hotels can be found on our deals page and at the top of your search results marked “Daily Deals” These offers have significant savings from the hotel’s most currentl rate . Check here every day for dealspiration to let the value guide your next trip. There are new deals every day, so if you see a great deal – snap it up!

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Mates Rates

Save an extra 10% or more on select hotels, on top of Wotif’s everyday deals when you subscribe. So you will need to Sign up, sign in or download the Wotif app to shop these exclusive rates all day, every day. You’ll find Mates Rates on select hotels in Australia, New Zealand and overseas, so wherever you’re going, look out for Mates Rates and save.

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Book Now Pay Later

Never miss a deal with our Book Now,Pay Later offers. For a huge selection of our hotels you can secure the deal you want now, and pay later at the hotel.

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Everything Travel

We make getting away simple – search, plan and book everything in one place with Wotif. Book with us on any device and trust in our Hotel and Package Price Promise*.

Wotif Mobile App

It’s not only about booking your flights, hotels and activities. The Wotif App helps you through the rest of your journey. Not just an itinerary, our App offers:

  • Syncing with our desktop site for your bookings when you are signed in.
  • Hotel check in, map and contact information.
  • Flight times and updates on delays (often before the airline provides them).
  • Provide real-time reviews to our customer service centre if you have any issues.
  • PLUS take advantage of our mobile exclusive deals
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Customer Support

A free call away wherever you are in the world – round the clock 24/7. We’ve got your back.

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You're in Control

Manage your booking online including changing and cancelling hotel reservations. You can book upfront or reserve now and pay later.

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Wotif Price Promise

The Wotif Price Promise ensures you get the lowest possible price for your trip. Find a cheaper hotel or package (flight + hotel) online within 24 hours of booking and we'll match the lower price by refunding you the difference.
Terms and conditions apply.

Eligibility checklist:

If you've booked your hotel or package (flight + hotel) on Wotif.com in the last 24 hours, make sure that the details are the same. Do they include identical:

  1. Travel dates & times
  2. Change / cancel policy
  3. Airline and booking class (for packages)
  4. Room type
  5. Hotel extras (breakfast / wifi, etc.)
  6. Does the competitor offer include all taxes and fees, and is the total price quoted in AUD?
  7. Is the competitor offer available to the general public?
  8. Is the travel item a prepaid booking? (ie.a pay now booking)
  9. Are you able to provide online proof of the above?

Note: Price Promise excludes post-pay hotel bookings (where payment is taken by the hotel at the time of your stay), standalone flights, activities and insurance.

Claiming a Price Promise:

Step 1:

Book your hotel or package (Flight + hotel).

Step 2:

If you have answered yes to the eligibility criteria and everything matches grab your itinerary and proceed to online claim form:

If you haven't booked yet and would prefer to book and validate the Price Promise with one of our experienced agents please call our call centre 1800 796 403