We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander custodians of the many Nations that make up this great Australian land.  We pay our respects to First Nations Elders past, present and the generations that follow, whose continuing preservation of this nation allows us to soak in the beauty of our land, sea, skies and waterways, and protect it for the generations of tomorrow. 

Explore Australia's First Nations

No Aussie travel experience would be complete without the chance to learn about and appreciate the 60,000 years of heritage and history of Australia’s First Nations people. We want to help Aussies to respectfully and authentically explore these ancient nations and the lands on which they sit, so we’re bringing together some of the amazing destinations, stays and activities that put Australia’s First Nations people at the forefront of every experience.

First Nations owned/operated accommodation

We’re partnering with Welcome to Country, the first not-for-profit marketplace for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences and products. We’re excited to embark on this partnership as Welcome to Country aggregates some of the best and most immersive tourism experiences from around Australia, connecting First Nations providers and producers with curious and conscious travellers. The platform offers access to over 140 First Nations tourism experiences - all of which are either owned, operated or run by First Nations peoples. Every purchase with Welcome to Country, supports First Nations people, artists and businesses.

Art & Culture

Australia is home to more than 260 different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, each with their own distinctive art and cultural practices. No matter where you’re travelling, you’ll find plenty of enriching opportunities to immerse yourself in the unique art and culture of that region. 

Art is integral to First Nations culture. It’s one of the ways that stories have been shared for generations. Experiences in this section provide opportunities to meet artists, learn about the meanings and inspiration behind the works themselves, and witness the creative process in action. 

Welcome to Country offers more than 150 Aboriginal experiences across Australia. To explore them all, click here


Australia boasts some of the most spectacular and iconic tourist destinations in the world, among them a variety of sites that are culturally and spiritually significant to First Nations communities. With a rich and varied history dating back tens of thousands of years, there’s so much to explore. 

You can experience First Nations Australia in an intimate and meaningful way, learning about the profound influence of the landscape and the natural environment on the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies. You’ll find amazing attractions everywhere, from our largest cities to the remotest of locations. 

Welcome to Country offers more than 150 Aboriginal experiences across Australia. To explore them all, click here

Food & Wine

First Nations cuisine is commonly referred to as “bush tucker”, and includes foods sourced from the land. Bush tucker will vary depending on the region and some ingredients may also be used for medicinal purposes, while other resources may be used to weave baskets, make spears and other tools. The knowledge of the power and potential for ingredients sourced from the land has been passed down over generations and forms a key part of First Nations culture and heritage. 

First Nations food and cooking confirms the culture’s deep connection to the land and offers an insight into the practices and beliefs that have endured and evolved over thousands of years. 

There are a growing number of food and wine experiences, ranging from fine-dining to catch-and-cook-style meals, all allowing you to taste the real Australia. 

Welcome to Country offers more than 150 Aboriginal experiences across Australia. To explore them all, click here

Immersive Experiences 

This vast and diverse continent boasts a wide variety of immersive experiences that brings any curious traveller closer to Australia’s origins. Whether you want to visit significant First Nations sites, hike through the outback, learn to hunt or fish with traditional methods or spend three days camping in the bush, these extraordinary experiences offer a deep connection to ancient lands, First Nations culture and sacred traditions. 

These immersive experiences will spark your curiosity and deepen your appreciation of Australia’s rich history. 

Welcome to Country offers more than 150 Aboriginal experiences across Australia. To explore them all, click here


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are the custodians of the land, with all the knowledge of how the land has evolved and how to best care for it today and for generations to come. There’s no better way to experience this sacred land than through the storytelling of those who know the country best. You are guaranteed safe passage through remarkable territory, with searching insights into the real history of Australia. These tours can last two hours or two days; they can be based in urban surrounds or be out on country… it’s up to you! 

Welcome to Country offers more than 150 Aboriginal experiences across Australia. To explore them all, click here

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