Kerry Park

From its location on Queen Anne Hill, this small park provides the perfect vantage point to admire Seattle’s Space Needle, skyline and Mount Rainier.

The waterfront location, high-rise architecture and impressive snowcapped peak of Mount Rainier make Seattle an exceptionally photogenic city. So take your camera and head to Kerry Park for great views of the city and surrounding area.

On a clear evening as sunset approaches, amateurs line up with professional photographers to capture the city and the gleaming Space Needle against the changing sky. Don’t rush away as the sunset fades, for as darkness descends the city continues to offer excellent photographic opportunities. Boats and ferries — some lit from bow to stern — are a delight to watch as they track their way around the islands of Puget Sound, and the city lights put on a glittering show of their own. The sight of Mount Rainier in the distance is truly spectacular on those occasions when Seattle's notoriously cloudy skies are clear.

Kerry Park itself is a charming spot. Dog walkers and parents pushing strollers pass through this small green space of just over an acre (4,000 square meters). Amenities in the park are simple, including a playground, park benches and a modern sculpture, called Changing Form. However, most people visit the park simply to enjoy the panoramic views it offers. Drop a coin or two into one the telescopes lined up along the railings and check out some of the sites close up.

Kerry Park is located about a 15-minute drive from downtown Seattle on Queen Anne Hill. This is a quiet neighborhood of gracious older homes, and a nice spot for an afternoon stroll. Parking can be tough to find, but it’s easy to take a bus or cab from downtown.