Museum of History and Industry

Find out about the history of Seattle in a museum dedicated to local pioneers that have changed the world.

Discover the story of Seattle at the Museum of History and Industry, an elegant early 20th-century institution set in the green surrounds of Lake Union Park. Interactive experiences, historical displays and temporary exhibitions provide a comprehensive picture of the city’s past, present and future.

The museum started life in 1911 and has been growing since then to become one of the largest private heritage organizations in the state. Its stated aim is to understand the past so that it can look forward to the future, which is why the exhibits blend the old and new.

Enter the atrium, where one of Boeing’s first commercial aircrafts is suspended from the ceiling. A sculpture made from old ship parts towers to a height of 65 feet (20 meters), while icons and images from Seattle’s history line the walls.

Browse artifacts from the museum’s collection, including a sign from the first ever Starbucks and a working periscope from World War II. True Northwest: The Seattle Journey is the core exhibit and covers 25 topics from the city’s past. Watch re-enactments of famous trials and interact with multimedia presentations on topics such as fashion, industry and the history of travel.

The Bezos Center for Innovation looks to the future and encourages visitors to think creatively about their role in it. The What’s Next display highlights some of the most exciting inventions being worked on at the moment, while the Idea Lab invites visitors to get involved.

Enjoy a diverse program of temporary exhibitions that explore a range of Seattle-based topics. Previous subjects include a look at the city’s hip-hop scene and stories from the Prohibition era.

The Museum of History and Industry is located at the southern tip of Lake Union, near the Center for Wooden Boats. Ride the South Lake Union Streetcar to outside Lake Union Park or use bus services to reach adjacent streets. Limited parking is available in the park. The museum is open daily and children aged 14 and under get in for free.