Fort Canning Park

The historic and leafy oasis in the heart of Singapore’s downtown precinct offers a trip through the city's wartime history or just a simple walk in the park.

Overlooking the central business district of Singapore is this historic, hillside green space. Once home to the Malay Kings that ruled the island, Fort Canning Park is a central part of the city’s history, having played a variety of roles since the 14th century. Today, visitors to the park can see archaeological digs, remnants from British Colonial times and the burial site of a former Malay ruler. Visitors less interested in Singapore’s history will find enjoyment in the park’s network of walking paths, its sprawling green lawns and the chance to watch a live concert in the outdoor amphitheater.

Join a free walking tour to discover the history of Fort Canning Park. The park offers three tours that cover different elements of its appeal. Explore more than 500 years of history on the Heritage on the Hill tour, or learn about the native plants and animals that live in the park on the Trees of the Fort or Fort Canning Spice Trail tours. Visit the spice garden and the ASEAN Sculpture Garden to immerse yourself in the tranquility of Fort Canning Park.

Walk the 19th-century walking trail to reach the former home of Malay Kings. The archaeological site includes the remains of the 19th-century fortress that occupied the park and the Keramat Iskander Syah, a royal Malay burial site.

Get a taste of the colonial history with a visit to the bungalow of Sir Stamford Raffles. See British cannons, officers’ quarters and even a gunpowder store. Visit the World War II bunker, the "Battle Box," where the decision to surrender the city to the Japanese took place.

Fort Canning Park is located in Singapore’s downtown district, close to the Orchard Road shopping district. It can be easily reached on foot from many downtown hotels. There is paid parking on nearby Percival Road and the park is well served by public transportation. Fort Canning Park can be visited daily and there is no admission fee.