Sheepdog Statue

Standing proudly before the snow-capped Southern Alps, this famous statue is testament to the high esteem with which sheepdogs are held in this area.

Visit the grand Sheepdog Statue and learn why these dogs were so pivotal to the history and settlement of the Mackenzie Basin. Enjoy fantastic views of the lake and surrounding mountains and look for real dogs still working the land nearby.

The Sheepdog Statue on the edge of Lake Tekapo serves as a tribute to the dogs used by Scottish shepherds during the 19th century. According to locals, the statue was the idea of a Lake Tekapo farmer’s wife. After its completion, the statue was sent to England for the bronze to be polished. It was finally erected in 1968.

Line up your camera for the perfect photo of the statue with the stunning mountains in the background. Get closer and you will see an engraved plaque, which tells the story of the collie dogs that were used to herd flocks of sheep here in Mackenzie Country.

You can walk to the statue from the town at Lake Tekapo. Nearby, you will find the Church of the Good Shepherd. This small stone church acts as a memorial to the farmers and shepherds who pioneered the region of the Mackenzie Basin. The statue is free to visit and accessible at any time.