Ucluelet Aquarium

View a rich collection of marine life, including sea lions and starfish and learn about local biodiversity at this waterfront aquarium.

Go eye to eye with a diverse collection of sea creatures at Ucluelet Aquarium and learn about their natural environment in the cool marine waters off Vancouver Island. Constantly changing experiences could include holding a starfish in your hands, meeting a baby giant octopus or exploring the tidal pool.

Make your way to the touch tanks where you can stroke and hold starfish and sea cucumbers. See and handle vibrant cup coral and gently touch the tentacles of long, green surf anemones to feel how sticky they are.

After getting to know some of the aquarium’s smaller guests, head for the large, deep water tanks. Study the movements of sea lions and the giant Pacific octopus.

Some of the animals you see may recently have been swimming in Ucluelet Harbor. Water from there flows directly into the tanks which means that a few sea creatures find their own way into the aquarium.

Go to the state-of-the-art tidal pool, a man-made habitat that recreates a sub-tidal zone. Look on as jellyfish, squid and anemones adapt their activities to the changing conditions of the pool. Among the other animals you may come across at the aquarium are orange cup coral, rockfish and kelpfish.

Ucleulet is a catch and release aquarium. Many of the aquatic residents are collected from the local waters and all are released back into the wild. Therefore, the exhibits are constantly changing. Visit the museum’s website to see if you can time your visit to a release day. Watch and help members of staff transfer the animals back to their natural ocean homes.

Ucluelet Aquarium is located on the waterfront promenade close to the town center. If you are coming by car, park in the free spots along the promenade.

The aquarium is open every day, however it is closed between December and mid-March. Admission charges apply with reductions for students, seniors and children aged between 4 and 17. Children under 3 years of age get in for free.