Rainforest Trail

Journey through lush foliage dense with colossal trees as you discover why this is one of the best-loved hiking trails near Ucluelet.

Walk the Rainforest Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and you’re sure to fall in love with the forest. The route winds through enchanting habitats that almost seem intentionally designed to promote peaceful reflection.

Wander along boardwalks and up and down stairs on a path that’s easy enough for most ability levels, but is rarely straight or flat. The boardwalk solves the issue of difficult forest terrain, making this a safe and simple walk regardless of the weather. If your group includes kids or older people, look for the benches where they can rest along the way.

Choose between Loop A and Loop B, two winding routes that lead through different sections of the forest. Or, as each one is just around 0.5 miles (roughly 1 kilometer) long, do both routes in one day. As you go, look for the educational signs that offer tidbits of information about the forest and the many fascinating animals which thrive in it.

If you’re lucky, the peaceful stillness of the forest may be interrupted by the sound of a marten foraging in the undergrowth, or even the distant rustling of a bear on the move. Deer, cougars and wolves are also among the animals that live in this rainforest. The route is a favorite with birdwatchers too, so remember to bring your binoculars.

Opportunities for the perfect vacation picture abound. Trailing curtains of green make the ideal background for a photo. Try to capture the sheer size of the trees with your camera. It’s an impossible challenge, but it’s fun to try.

Breathe in the rainforest air and escape the realities of everyday life. With enormous trees, such as cedars, rising up around you on all sides, this is the place to come to get some perspective.

Drive to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve from Ucluelet or Tofino in between 3 to 4 hours. Look for the signposts for the Rainforest Trail parking lot along the Pacific Rim Highway. Park your car and leave your worries with it as you step into the green and tranquil world of the rainforest.