Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

With its dramatic hillside location and sweeping panoramic views, this pretty lighthouse is a beacon for hikers as well as for ships.

Set out on the Wild Pacific Trail and follow the route that leads past Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, an important feature of Vancouver Island’s landscape and history. The red and white building marks an ideal spot for snapping photos and enjoying the ocean view.

The lighthouse is in pretty good shape for its age. In fact, you’d never guess that it’s over a 100 years old. As you explore this spectacular section of coastline, remember its beauty hides the fact that this has historically been a treacherous place for ships. The 1906 decision to build a lighthouse in this area was a response to the tragic Pass of Melfort shipwreck, which is thought to have cost up to 35 lives. This newer version, built in 1915, is so cheerful looking that the spot’s tragic past may come as a surprise.

Although you can’t go inside the lighthouse, the views that can be enjoyed from the outside make the hike worthwhile. If you’re staying somewhere in Ucluelet’s main cluster of accommodations, set out from your hotel and you can reach the lighthouse in under an hour on foot. Walk through lush forest as you head towards the coast.

Emerge through the trees onto the rugged hillside. Pause often to take in the breathtaking ocean views as you go. At the lighthouse, stop to enjoy a picnic and look out to sea. Among the animals you might manage to spot are otters, seals, sea lions and several species of whale, including orcas. Hundreds of species of seabird also migrate through this area each year.

Enjoy the other sights the area has to offer, including wonderful views of Barkley Sound and a possible detour to Terrace Beach Interpretive Trail. Imagine yourself back in the early days of Vancouver Island, when Terrace Beach was a canoeing spot for First Nations people.

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse is a wonderful place to watch the sun come up or set, especially as it’s so close to several accommodations options. Get out of bed when it’s still dark, bring a flashlight and be prepared for an unforgettable dawn.