Perth Mint

See the biggest gold coin in the world, watch the pouring of pure gold and tour the interesting exhibits at this historic coin-producing facility in the city center.

The Perth Mint is Australia’s sole refiner of gold and is also a producer of coins. The highly accredited historic facility is also used by neighboring countries. Wander through the mint’s galleries to admire the collection of precious coins, gold nuggets and bullion and see the world’s biggest gold coin.

This sovereign-producing branch of the British Royal Mint was established in 1899 at the height of the gold rush in Western Australia’s remote desert. The Perth Mint managed to pour almost 100 percent pure gold, which was its claim to fame. The mint is still active today, but its historic building is now mainly used for displays.

Join a tour and see the first gold coin that was struck here. Explore the old melting house and check out the high-security vault. Hop onto the special scales to see what your weight is worth in gold. Visit an old prospector’s camp to hear stories about their harsh living conditions and lucky finds, and watch red hot gold being poured.

Continue to the Gold Bar exhibit to admire bullion from around the world and admire unrefined gold nuggets at the Natural Nugget Collection. You’ll see a huge 40-million-year-old gold nugget, found in 1995 in Kalgoorlie. It’s one of the luckiest finds in the world!

Don’t leave without seeing the world’s most valuable coin: At 31 inches (80 centimeters) in diameter it is too heavy to carry. Because it is made from 99.99 percent solid gold, it’s worth over 50 million Australian dollars!

The gift shop sells collector’s coins and jewelry and you can have a message engraved on your very own medallion.

The Perth Mint stands at the corner of Hill and Hay streets. It’s open daily, except major public holidays. Come before mid-afternoon to be able to join a tour. The facility is serviced by the free Red Cat bus service that runs through the inner city.

310 Hay St, East Perth WA 6004, Australia   |   View Google Map