Hang Gai Street

This boisterous street is renowned for silks, custom tailoring, colorful displays and hand-crafted souvenirs, all hanging from faded yellow façades.

Bustling Hang Gai Street, or Silk Street as it is known, is one of Hanoi's famed shopping areas. It is renowned for silk fabric shops and tailors who create outfits for your custom needs. See stalls, tailors, vendors and art galleries with a backdrop of traditional and modern Vietnamese architecture. Scooters zip by, traditional and contemporary shirts and dresses hang on storefronts and Vietnamese hats and paper lanterns line the walls.

Located in the Old Quarter, this area has a 1,000-year history. While many buildings were destroyed during the 19th-century wars, traditional architecture with fading yellow façades can still be seen. No. 85 is the Co Vu Communal House, once part of Co Vu Village. Outside of No. 85 is a large banyan tree. Notice the tangled roots and offerings of incense sticks and rice whiskey at this spiritually symbolic tree.

Have high-quality outfits custom-made by an expert in 48 hours. Meander along the street and browse through an abundance of colorful silks. In Hanoi, the Van Phuc village has the reputation for creating some of the best silks in Vietnam. Choose between printed silk, drawn silk or patterned silk. Bring a picture of what you want to ensure the best results.

Here you’ll also find locally made bags, handcrafted souvenirs of traditional Do Paper and Vietnamese embroidered cloths. Vietnam is home to over 50 different ethnic groups; the handicrafts and clothing sold here show many of their unique designs and weaving. Look for furniture with mother-of-pearl inlay, oil and watercolor paintings, prints, antiques, lacquered home wares, ceramic statues and sculpted sandalwood.

After exploring the stores, stop for a coffee and browse the art galleries dotted along the street.

Hang Gai Street is located north of Hoan Kiem Lake, on the border of the Old Quarter. The street is just 260 yards (250 meters) long and connects with Hang Bong Street in the west and Hang Dao Street in the east.