Marina Park

Amble along a crescent of green by the shores of Lake Washington for a scenic lunch spot and watch performances beneath a beautiful pavilion.

Marina Park is a stretch of greenery in the heart of Kirkland where locals gather to eat, enjoy art and head out onto the lake. Come here to take part in a community event or to escape from the city in a pleasant park next to quiet waters.

Explore the park on foot. Walk past a small stretch of sandy beach and shaded paths along the waterfront. Look for public art sculptures such as the Bicentennial Fountain and a row of leaping bronze children named Puddle Jumpers.

You can’t miss the Marina Park Pavilion, an elegant gazebo built around 1920. Watch live music played beneath it or join in with community events that take place in this venue. The park itself is sometimes transformed into a stage for public art performances too.

Stroll along the wooden beams of the jetty to see several boats moored. These docks are available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis for visitors wishing to arrive in Kirkland by boat. Bring a fishing rod and spend the day angling in Lake Washington. Cast your line for coastal cutthroat trout, yellow perch and black crappies.

Relax with lakeside views on one of the benches that faces the water. Picnic tables scattered around are great places to eat lunch. Gas barbecues are also allowed on-site. Watch boats bobbing along the lake as you eat.

If you don’t bring your own food and drink, head to the line of shops behind the park and choose between cafés, wine cellars and restaurants. After lunch, explore other sights in Kirkland, including the wetlands of Juanita Bay Park and the art in Howard/Mandville Gallery.

Marina Park is located on the coast of Downtown Kirkland. Buses from Bellevue and Seattle run to the streets outside the park, while there is on-site parking for those driving here. Celebrate Independence Day here on July 4; the park hosts Kirkland’s annual celebrations with an impressive fireworks display.