Washington State Convention Center

Thanks to its wood paneling, ancient fir tables and locally produced food, this conference center lets you experience the beauty of Seattle even when you’re inside.

Seattle is sometimes called the Emerald City for its devotion to environmental conservancy. Washington Convention Center lives up to the city’s green reputation. As one of Washington’s largest event spaces, it attracts people from around the world for myriad events. Plan your next event here for excellent facilities in a fascinating city.

With a footprint of 414,000 square feet (38,000 square meters), the convention center can host meetings and events ranging from a few people to tens of thousands. This is the city’s go-to destination for intimate meetings, massive expos and everything in between.

The center is a champion for the green initiative. It has won numerous awards and certifications for its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. It not only meets but exceeds LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification standards for its sustainable construction methods and furnishings. See evidence of these actions in its recycling bins, energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly products.

In 2010, the Conference Center opened within the center’s complex, with 90 percent of all construction waste reclaimed or recycled. Ceilings are made from sustainable hemlock grown in the Northwest. Take note of the striking wooden conference tables in the boardrooms, which are made from reclaimed thousand-year-old Douglas fir.

The center has a very talented in-house catering department, serving free-range chicken, grain-fed beef and locally grown produce. Along with your meal, enjoy wine from Washington’s award-winning vineyards.

Tens of thousands of visitors flock to the center every August for the Penny Arcade eXpo, a gaming festival. Each spring, the center hosts Emerald City Comicon, a comic book convention, and Sakura-Con, an anime convention.

The convention center is located in the heart of downtown Seattle. Within a few minutes, you can leisurely walk to its lively shopping, entertainment, nightlife and dining scenes. Access hotels and public transportation easily.

Between meetings, walk outside Washington State Convention Center and enjoy Seattle’s natural beauty. With the waterfront just a few blocks away and stunning mountain views in the distance, it is easy to see why this city is so committed to protecting its special environment.