Bay Bridge

Drive, bike or walk across the state-of-the-art bridge that connects San Francisco to Oakland and the East Bay beyond.

Discover the gateway to the East Bay on the Bay Bridge. The iconic bridge, which spans 4.5 miles (7.2 kilometers) across San Francisco Bay, links San Francisco and Oakland. It is really two bridges, connected by a tunnel on Yerba Buena Island. The western section runs from San Francisco to the island, while the eastern section connects the island to Oakland. Enjoy views of the bridge from afar or traverse its car, bike and pedestrian lanes.

Construction began on the Bay Bridge in 1933. For a long time, it was considered the ugly stepsister of the Golden Gate Bridge. Recent renovations have changed that. Discover the unique attraction that the bridge offers today.

Enjoy beautiful views of the bridge from San Francisco. Get the best vantage point from the waterfront along Embarcadero Street, particularly near the Ferry Building. Walk out to the tip of Pier 14 to see the bridge up close.

Take advantage of equally great views from Treasure Island. Park in the waterfront parking area and investigate stunning vistas of the bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

Visit the bridge at nightfall to see the mesmerizing Bay Lights. The lights began as a temporary installation to celebrate the bridge’s 75th anniversary. They were so popular that they became a permanent fixture. From dusk to daybreak, watch thousands of LED lights flicker and shine across the bridge.

Bike or walk on the special path along the Bay Bridge. Access the path through three entrances: one in Emeryville, another at the corner of Maritime Street and Burma Road in Oakland or at the Bay Bridge toll plaza.

Nearly 250,000 vehicles cross the Bay Bridge every day. Be prepared for some traffic if you drive across during prime commuting hours. There is a vehicle toll when you drive westbound toward San Francisco.