Wellington Craft Beverages

Wellington will never leave you thirsty for long. This compact and walkable city is jam-packed with world-class coffee roasteries, craft beer breweries and cool cocktail bars.

Wellington's coffee culture is world-renowned. With over a dozen roasteries in the city, you'll often catch the scent of roasting coffee in the wind. Follow your nose and you'll stumble upon some of the country's best brews.

Is it past noon? It might be time for a craft beer instead. Wellington is the self-proclaimed craft beer capital of New Zealand. With more than a dozen breweries and brewery bars, it sounds like they've earned it.

Did you know Wellington has more cafes, bars and restaurants per capita than New York? Better start sipping.

Here's our guide to where to drink in Wellington.

Image: Beervana

Craft Beer

  • Wellington's Cuba Quarter has eight brewery bars within walking distance.
  • Taste beers brewed on site at Garage Project Taproom, Tuatara, Heyday Beer Co., Whistling Sisters, Fortune Favours, HUSK Choice Bros, Black Dog Brewery Co. Bar and Fork & Brewer.
  • Wellington's craft beer scene is celebrated at the annual Beervana festival. With local beers and live music, it's one of the coolest things to do in Wellington.

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Cocktails & Wine Bars

  • Craft beer isn't the only drink in town. With a thriving nightlife scene, Wellington has plenty of options.
  • Pop into one of Wellington's wine bars to taste local wines. Some of Wellington's best wine bars are Noble Rot, Le Samourai and Basque.
  • If it's a cocktail you're after, there are plenty of hip places to hide away. Try Crumpet, Hawthorn Lounge or The Library.

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  • With more than a dozen roasteries in town, Wellington serves up some of the freshest, liveliest java around. You might even catch the scent of roasting coffee in the wind.
  • Want to taste some of the best? Add Customs Brew Bar and Milk Crate Café to your itinerary.
  • Some other local favourites are Caffe L'affare, Flight Coffee Hangar, Lamason Brew Bar for espresso and siphon-brewed coffee and Fidel's Café for rich, smoky Havana coffee.

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