St Paul's Cathedral

Built over nearly half a century, this earthquake-proof cathedral is filled with stunning works of art and is among the most sacred sites in Wellington.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican church and one of Wellington’s most important religious sites. It is built from reinforced concrete and designed to withstand earthquakes. Admire St. Paul’s impressive architecture, discover the vast collection of artwork and view sacred artifacts.

The cathedral was built over a 43-year period and has been active since 1964, despite not being completed until 1998. It is considered a progressive cathedral. See its exhibits on the role of New Zealand’s women, a tribute to ANZAC soldiers lost at war and a stunning main nave where services are held daily.

Pick up a guide to the cathedral as you enter and explore the sacred spaces of the church. The guide traces the church’s history back to when construction began in 1954. You can also read information about Old St. Paul’s, the first cathedral in the Wellington area.

Light a candle in the “chapel without walls,” a moving and important site for members of the church. Walk through the main nave to reach the pews. Notice the stained-glass windows in the nave. These were designed by Brian Thomas who also designed windows for Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral in London after World War II. Look for the Holm window, dedicated to Captain Ferdinand Holm, who married within Old St. Paul’s in 1870.

Beautiful artworks adorn the walls of the cathedral. See the Cross of Nails, constructed from nails that fell from the roof of the Abbey Church of St. Michael’s in Coventry when it was bombed during World War II. In the Amnesty Chapel, find a large mosaic, entitled Modern Madonna, by New Zealand artist Roy Cowan.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is open daily and admission is free. Services are held on Sunday mornings and choral performances occur on Sunday mornings and evenings. Reach the cathedral easily on foot or via public transport from downtown Wellington. Some metered parking is available in the area as well.