Butterfly and Orchid Garden

In this private garden, see butterflies flutter around the owner’s tropical greenhouse and land on your outstretched arms. 

The Butterfly & Orchid Garden in Thames fulfilled the dream of founders Roger and Sabine Gass, a Swiss couple. The pair imported the butterflies from all over the world and decided to open up their tropical garden to visitors.

There is something magic about watching butterflies. See colorful, light-winged species flutter around the tropical butterfly house in search for pollen and droplets of water. Be spellbound as the heliconius butterfly from Central America flaps its delicate wings on a flower right in front of your eyes. Take pictures of the exotic orchids and butterflies in all colors of the rainbow and admire the size of the brown owl butterflies.

Many species only live for a few months, which is why at certain times of year the garden is only home to a handful of varieties of butterflies and moths. Fortunately, the garden is not home to just these pretty insects, but also to some exotic birds and large gourami fish in a small lily pond under the waterfall.

Visit the small coffee shop at the back of the butterfly house for a cool escape from the humid and hot greenhouse. Before you leave, browse the small shop for butterfly-themed gadgets or souvenirs.

The Butterfly & Orchid Garden is located within the Dickson Holiday Park at the north end of Thames in the Coromandel. The garden is closed during June, July and August, but you can visit any day of the week the rest of the year. The garden gets very hot and humid in the height of summer, so wear light clothing. To avoid disappointment, call ahead to check the exact opening hours on the day of your visit.

Make the most of your stay by visiting in September, when most orchids are at the climax of flowering. The entry fee is less in the shoulder season when there is less to see. On-site parking is free.