Ben Thanh Market

No trip to Ho Chi Minh City is complete without exploring this bustling market where you can enjoy a traditional Vietnamese dish or purchase souvenirs.

Bến Thành Market is the oldest surviving market in Ho Chi Minh City and one of Vietnam’s top destinations. It is a must-see for anyone visiting this 300-year-old city. Explore the colorful stalls and buy food, souvenirs and clothing from the local vendors.

The market began in the early 17th century as an informal gathering of street vendors near the Saigon River. In 1870, the French colonialists formally established it as Les Halles Centrales (the central market). It was moved to a new building in 1912 and renamed Bến Thành Market.

Wander through the stalls, where you can browse through a huge range of Vietnamese goods. Whether you are looking for a kitschy souvenir or traditional clothing, you will find it here. However, the market is not just for tourists. Residents of Ho Chi Minh City do their daily shopping here, so Bến Thành Market offers visitors a peek into local tastes and customs.

Bến Thành Market is also the perfect place to enjoy an authentic taste of Vietnam. Stop by a food stall for a local specialty, such as deep fried whole fish, or a refreshing tea.

Haggling is a major part of the shopping experience in Vietnam and a necessity, as vendors initially charge inflated prices. For the best shopping experience, come to Bến Thành Market ready to bargain.

Bến Thành Market is located in District 1, the central urban hub of Ho Chi Minh City. The iconic clock tower that rises above the market makes it impossible to miss. The area is always pulsing with pedestrian and vehicle traffic, so watch your step as you cross to the market. Bến Thành Market is open every day. Although the main market closes around dinnertime, the Ben Thanh Night Market stays open later.