Blanton Museum of Art

A premier gallery covering all of the crucial art movements of the last few centuries.

There are more than 17,000 works in the Blanton Museum of Art’s collection. It covers 125,000 square feet (11,600 square meters) on the campus of the University of Texas. There's a reason why readers of the Austin Chronicle voted the Blanton Museum the best museum in Austin in 2012 and why the newspaper itself called it "an essential US art destination." This is a destination not just for art lovers, but for anyone interested in viewing objects of beauty.

Allow at least several hours to explore the museum, which is particularly well regarded for its Latin American art. Explore more than 2,000 works from 600 different Caribbean and South American artists. This is one of the oldest and most comprehensive collections in the U.S. Browse works from Europe, particularly from the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods, or discover North American art from 1875 to today, including prints, paintings and new media works. Admire classic realist paintings and more urban prints like those of Roy Lichtenstein.

For less traditional styles don't miss some of the video and installation art. Check the museum’s website for details of its rotating special exhibition program.

Tours of the collection and specific exhibitions are available. (Check the museum website for times.) The price is included with admission. There are many other public programs, from yoga in the gallery to lectures and artist talks, so check the website before your visit for a current schedule of events.

The Blanton Café, in the Edgar A. Smith Building, is a good place to refuel with gourmet pizzas, coffee and sandwiches.

The Blanton Museum of Art is located in central Austin. It’s open every day except Monday and national holidays.