Civic Square

Relax outdoors in the center of Wellington, surrounded by public artworks and some of the city’s most iconic buildings.

The Wellington Civic Square is a modern meeting place in the heart of Wellington. Come here to relax, surrounded by landmark buildings and public sculptures that celebrate New Zealand’s culture. Enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee amid a sea of lunching office workers or take a walk through the square at night when the sculptures are artfully illuminated.

Admire the various public sculptures that reflect ancient Māori customs and folklore. It is impossible to miss the circular steel sculpture that seems to float over the center of the plaza. The gleaming installation represents the five native ferns of New Zealand and is one of Wellington’s most photographed sights.

See the 15 sculpted palm trees made from steel, copper and zinc. Walk between the Te Aho a Maui, known as the "split pyramid," which represents a mountain that has been divided in two. Between the two pyramids is a walkway that symbolizes a fishing line leading from the mountains to the sea.

The buildings around the square are civic and architectural landmarks. Visit the historic Town Hall and the Central Library. See contemporary New Zealand art at the City Gallery and hear the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra play at the Michael Fowler Centre, one of the most renowned concert halls and convention venues in the country.

Located between the City Gallery and the Town Hall, Wellington Civic Square marks the border between the financial district in the north of the city and the entertainment district in the south. The square is an easy walk from everywhere in central Wellington. If you are coming from the waterfront, take the whimsical City to Sea Bridge, a pedestrian flyover that doubles as a public art installation.