Wild Life Sydney Zoo

Encounter Australia’s diverse habitats at this interactive zoo and come face to face with the country's most loved, feared and iconic animals.

Experience Australia's distinct eco-systems under one roof at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. Walk through recreated indoor and outdoor enclosures where some of the country's most favourite animals may cross your path. Experience the simulated ecosystems of the places such as the Top End, the Outback, South Australia, the tropics, the Blue Mountains and Tasmania.

Start the day in the Koala Encounter on the rooftop and admire one of the country's most adored icons. Walk through Gum Tree Valley, smell the oil of the trees, see lizards warming themselves, spy on camouflaged goannas and hear the distinctive laugh of a kookaburra. Meander through the Kangaroo Walk-About Zone where eastern grey kangaroos and wallabies can be seen laying lazily on the grass.

In the replica of the Northern Territory’s Kakadu Gorge are floodplains, estuaries and monsoonal eco-systems. Walk through the Daintree Rainforest and catch sight of a tall southern cassowary and a tiny pademelon. Hike through the zone dedicated to South Australia’s Flinders Ranges and see the animals that live in one of the toughest and most diverse environments in the country.

In the Butterfly Tropics, relax to the sound of croaking frogs and see green tree pythons twisting in the vines above. Spot plumed whistling ducks in the waterhole and Krefft’s river turtles waddling through the lush tropical ferns.

In the night enclosure are ghost bats and brushtail possums clambering in the trees, bilbies and mouse-sized dunnarts scramble through the scrubs.

The Wild Life Sydney Zoo has plenty of immersive activities for the whole family. Discover the 540-million year history of bugs, thrill yourself with an Outback Adventure show or wrap a python around your shoulders in the Python Experience. Put on a white lab coat to pat lizards, touch snakes and look through microscopes at crocodile skins and animal bones

Twilight tours are a great way to explore the zoo, and the rooftop café has koalas, doves, parrots and finches wandering all around.

Located on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Wild Life Sydney Zoo is accessible by taxi, train, bus, rail and light rail. While this is an all-weather attraction, opening hours vary from season to season. Admission prices are tiered and discounts may be available if bought online.

1-5 Wheat Rd, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Australia   |   View Google Map