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18 travel traditions you need to start now

Travel traditions are a great way to create lasting memories. They can be small things, perhaps something quirky you do every trip you go on. Or something bigger, such as that annual visit to your favourite place every year. Whatever the scale, they’re guaranteed to add a little extra fun to your travel world.

We’ve provided some inspo below if you don’t have any of your own traditions just yet, or are looking to add to your list:

  1. Start every holiday with a champagne. Because, why not?
  2. COLLECT! Keychains, magnets, beach towels – they all help to remember the good times from your trip.
  3. Take the same photo in every place you visit.
  4. Write down your highlight of every city you visit on a postcard while you’re there and in the moment and send it to yourself.
  5. Eat at a McDonald’s in every country.
  6. Make a new playlist with songs themed to your trip.
  7. Start your holiday by buying a new book you wouldn’t usually pick at the airport or shops.
  8. Add a hilarious and envy-inducing message on your out-of-office pre-trip.
  9. In the build up to your trip, watch a movie that related back to your itinerary. Seattle = Sleepless in Seattle. Tuscany = Under The Tuscan Sun. You get my drift.
  10. Buy an article of clothing in every country, so each time you wear it, it reminds you of your holiday.
  11. Have a holiday countdown app on your phone. Probably don’t be that person who shares a holiday countdown on Facebook 😉
  12. Travel somewhere new for your birthday each year.
  13. Embrace a favourite spot as your annual holiday destination.
  14. Try your hand at cooking up a meal inspired by the destination you’re heading to and soak up that pre-trip excitement.
  15. Have a boys/girls only trip every year.
  16. Continue any traditions you had as a family when you were a kid and pass them onto your own kids. Who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia.
  17. Learn a few key words and phrases in the language of your destination. And start dropping them into conversation or text messages pre-trip to throw people 😉
  18. I’m going to add a personal one in here, because I can. My friendship group have started a tradition to holiday in one of our birth places every year. We’ve been to NZ (with matching beanies), the Gold Coast, and last year we went to Europe and did a sailing trip around Croatia! Funnily enough, each trip one of the couples has gotten engaged! This year we’re going to Tassie (where two of us are from), then next will be the Seychelles! This has been an amazing travel tradition. Sharing it with my closest friends makes it even more meaningful 🙂 .
NZ trip. Yes, we did have matching beanies #noshame
Croatia life. Definitely not my husband in the back.
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