5 packing tips from a fashion expert

From the stresses of leaving something behind, through to not being able to fit it all in your suitcase—gearing up to travelling is a mission.

When looking for tips to take the stress out of packing, we went straight to an expert. The delightfully chic Nikki Parkinson from Styling You recently released an ebook, Confessions of a reformed Over-Packer and kindly shared with us some of her well-founded wisdom.

The first thing Nikki confessed is she still struggles with her over-packing tendencies.

“If you don’t put a luggage limit on me, I’m still a chronic over-packer,” Nikki confides. “But with airline travel, where there is a weight and size limit, you need to get smart. The further we travel, the smarter we have to be.”

Here are Nikki’s five best tips on how to make your packing smart and stress-free.

  1. Use a weather app
    Track the weather at your destination via a free weather app, such as Weather zone or Weather Radar. The closer you get to your departure date, the more likely it is to be accurate.

    Think about that weather in your own city’s terms.

    “If your destination city is enjoying tops of 20 degrees, that probably feels very much like winter in Queensland,” Nikki says. “If that’s the case, you can pack as you would for a Brisbane winter.” Easy.

  2. Pack according to activities
    Consider what activities you’ll be doing or attending. If you’re likely to hit up an adventurous trip, you’re going to need very different clothing than you might need if you’re conducting a cultural tour of Europe. Many holidays will include a mixture of both, so consider carefully and pack accordingly.
  3. Capsule wardrobe
    Nikki is well known for advocating practical, stylish and adaptable capsule wardrobes. These are collections that mix and match garments and accessories to all work together in any combination.

    Nikki explains the basic capsule wardrobe consists of 15 pieces. This is comprised of two dresses, three tops, three bottoms, one jacket, three pairs of shoes and three accessories.

    The basic capsule wardrobe can be adapted and built on. If you are travelling to a destination with an extreme climate, it’s most unlikely you’ll don a dress while on an Antarctic icebreaker, for example.

  4. Choose colours carefully
    “The key to making your capsule wardrobe work,” Nikki explains, “is to stick to one or two neutral colours and add one accent colour.”

    For example, you could use tones of beige or dark brown as your base, then liven them up with red accessories and shoes or a scarlet dress.

  5. Wear and go
    Not many people enjoy ironing, especially while travelling or on holidays, so choose materials wisely.

    “Ensure the majority of your pieces are made from materials which don’t crush or need ironing.” advises Nikki. That way, you can just get on with enjoying your time away.

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