Aussie parents are more fun on holidays

On October 09, 2015 at 03:57 AM reveals parents listen to their ‘holiday selves’ with half of parents relaxing the rules when they travel

With school holidays coming up, - the home of holidays, reveals plenty of parents switch to ‘holiday mode’ when they travel, with more than half of Aussie parents (59%) admitting they have a different parenting style while away with the kids.

 The Wotif How are you travelling survey* found most parents (83%) are more relaxed on holidays and let some of the rules for the kids go.

Wotif Travel Specialist Kirsty La Bruniy said parents admitted they were more relaxed, fun and loosened the rules with the kids when on holiday. Read more

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Wotif reveals Australians’ favourite family holiday destinations

On July 01, 2015 at 01:35 AM

The top family holiday destinations and the most popular family hotels in the top three locations

Brisbane - 15 June 2015

With the mid-year school holidays fast approaching, holiday website Wotif.comhas revealed the favourite family holiday spots, as voted by Aussies in the recent Holiday Habits Survey*.

Beach destinations came out on top for families, with Australia’s Gold Coast receiving more votes in the survey than any other destination, followed by the Sunshine Coast in second place, and Fiji coming in as the third favourite family holiday destination. Read more

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Wotif reveals Aussie travellers’ flying habits

On May 21, 2015 at 06:38 AM

Brisbane – 20 May 2015: 

Wearing sky-blue underpants, sitting in even numbered rows and shaking salt over the check-in area are just a few flying rituals Aussie travellers confessed they do when flying, according to the High Flyer survey by Australia’s favourite online travel destination Wotif.

Wotif Travel Specialist Kirsty La Bruniy said the survey of almost 15,000 Australian travellers revealed almost one in seven have a flying ritual.

“From the 14% of Aussie travellers who revealed they have a flying habit, there was a mix of interesting rituals, from wearing a particular item of clothing on every flight to doing exactly the same routine onboard every time,” Ms La Bruniy said. Read more

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Research reveals travellers turn to hotel reviews

On April 27, 2015 at 02:15 AM

Brisbane – 23 April 2015

Reading hotel reviews is as essential for Australian travellers as checking their passport is up to date before a trip, with 94% admitting to reading reviews and more than half (53%) saying they always refer to them for travel bookings, according to research from Wotif.

The survey of more than 19,000 Aussie travellers revealed most (91%) use hotel reviews to help decide between different hotel options, and most read between one and 10 reviews (87%) before making a booking.

Wotif Travel Specialist Kirsty La Bruniy said the survey showed the importance hotel reviews played in the decision-making stage of holiday planning. Read more

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Wotif reveals the weird and wonderful reasons people cancel their trips

On April 13, 2015 at 12:20 AM

Wotif removes its cancellation and change fees, no matter what the reason for changing plans

Brisbane – 13 April 2015: From needing to skip taking a trip due to a hip replacement (for a pet cat) to having eaten bad calamari, Australia’s favourite online travel destination Wotif reveals some of the memorable customer cancellation excuses people have shared when they amend their travel plans.

Wotif spokesperson Kirsty La Bruniy said that while there are lots of good reasons to take a trip, Wotif also understands that from time to time, people need to cancel or change their dates of travel. Read more

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