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International Air Transportation Association (IATA) & International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Information

Airport Name Wagga Wagga Airport
Airport Location Wagga Wagga, Australia
Latitude / Longitude -35.2 / 147.5
Altitude 220.68
Airport Code IATA: WGA ICAO: WGA

The IATA code assigned to an airport like Wagga Wagga Airport is what is most often referred to when travelers talk about an 'airport code'. Frequent fliers, like business travelers, often like to use the airport code to make searching for flights quicker and more accurate. Ever forget an airport's official name? It is much easier to remember its three letter acronym in many cases.

For instance, which is easier to recall: WGA or Wagga Wagga Airport?

Further, there is another group called the ICAO, or International Civil Aviation Organization, that also assigns codes. In many cases, the codes are similar. Wagga Wagga Airport's assigned code is WGA.

Knowing the airport code for destinations you often travel to makes finding the right flights faster and easier. However, on Wotif.com we make it just as easy to search on a city name (like Wagga Wagga), an airport's official name (like Wagga Wagga Airport), or the airport code (like WGA).