Star Ratings in France (Agence Nationale de Développement Touristique)

Hotels in France are officially classified by Atout France (Agence de développement touristique de la France) and are graded from 1 to 5 stars based on the comfort and quality of the facilities offered. Ratings are displayed on either a red sign (for 1 to 4 stars) or a gold sign (for 5 stars) outside the hotel.

Hotels with 1 star are economy class hotels where the minimum area of a double room must be at least 9sqm (excluding bathroom), which can be private or shared.

Hotels with 2 or 3 stars are mid-range establishments. In these hotels, staff speak at least one European language in addition to French. Reception is guaranteed to be open at least 10 hours per day. The minimum area of a double room is 9sqm (excluding bathroom) for a 2-star hotel and 13.5sqm (including bathroom) for a 3-star hotel. Communal spaces are larger than in 1-star hotels; the hotel lounge in particular must be at least 50sqm in a 3-star hotel compared to 20sqm in a 1-star hotel.

Hotels with 4 or 5 stars indicate upscale and luxury accommodation. The rooms are more spacious—at least 16sqm in 4-star hotels and 24sqm in 5-star hotels. Hotels with 30 or more rooms must have 24 hour reception facilities. Staff are required to speak two foreign languages, including English, in a 5-star hotel and room service, hotel porters and the possibility to dine at the hotel must also be available. Other benefits typical to 5-star hotels include valet parking, concierge service and specific in-room facilities such as a safe and Internet access. Air conditioning is mandatory.

Luxury Hotel, Palace (Hotel hors classe, Palace)
Top Class Hotel (Hôtel très grand confort)
Good Average Hotel (Hôtel de moyenne gamme)
Good Average Hotel (Hôtel de moyenne gamme)
Economic Hotel (Hôtel de catégorie économique)

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