What Hotel, Wat Hotel, Whot hotel, Whatif Hotel, WhatHotel or Wot Hotel?

What hotel hides their name so you can save when you book? What hotel puts the mystery back into booking a getaway? What hotel shows up on a leading accommodation website all dressed in black?

Or is that Wot Hotel?

What's the mystery? Why the big secret?

The buzz is that Wotif.com have some accommodation deals that are so hot, the hotels won't put their name to them! It's a mystery hotel right up until you book. 5 star hotels in Sydney or Melbourne, apartments in Auckland or the Gold Coast... the same great accommodation but cheaper than ever before. They keep their names a secret so they can keep the prices down.

But what is it called? Someone probably told you it was What Hotel, and while they've got the pronunciation correct, you'll miss out if you look for it under What Hotel, Whot Hotel or Wat Hotel – try Wot Hotel instead. It's the latest great way to book a cheap hotel deal from Wotif.com.

Find out more about Wot Hotel here.

If you don't care what hotel you stay at, but you do care if it's the cheapest hotel deal possible, you'll want a Wot Hotel deal.

See what hotel deals look like on Wotif.com's Wot Hotel.


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