Sorry, this promotion has now ended.

Our flight booking promotion has ended. If you already have a voucher it is still valid until its expiration date. For more information view the voucher Frequently Asked Questions


Wot you need to know if you already have a voucher

1. This promotion ended 23 Dec 2014. Vouchers issued for bookings made before 23 December 2014 are valid until their expiration date, which is shown in the top right corner of the voucher.

2. Your voucher's currency was determined by the destination of your flight booking and is valued at AUD$20. You can use the voucher to book accommodation with

3. Multiple accommodation vouchers can be used on a single accommodation booking.

4. If you make an accommodation booking using a voucher and then cancel that booking, you will be issued a new voucher to use again (with the original expiry date).

5. We reserve the right to cancel any Wotif flight booking promotional voucher that has been issued against an unconfirmed flight booking.

6. Vouchers can only be redeemed on accommodation deals available to book in the currency nominated on the voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed on the desktop site, but cannot be redeemed on Wotif using a mobile device.

7. Vouchers issued in Australian dollars (AUD) can be redeemed through our website before 10 March 2015; vouchers in other currencies can be redeemed online before 18 January 2015. Please call our customer service team if you would like to use your voucher after these dates.