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Wotif is Australia’s favourite online travel destination offering a world of choice with accommodation, flights and packages in more than 67 countries.

Wotif has come a long way since its early dotcom days in 2000. The company started out in a humble garage office in Spring Hill, Brisbane with a big idea of selling leftover hotel rooms at a discounted rate. Fast forward to 2015 and the brand is now one of the most recognised online travel agents in Australia. Our great rates, broad range, easy-to-use site and 24/7 Customer Service Centre have made us the most popular way for Australians to book their travel plans online.

Wotif became part of Expedia Inc. (NASDAQ: EXPE) in November 2014.

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Guest Reviews

Wotif you could ask around for advice on your next booking?

By checking out our customer reviews, available on our accommodation description pages, you can get recommendations to help you decide which accommodation deal is right for you.

Only customers who have actually stayed at that particular accommodation are invited to write a review, so you can be sure you're getting honest information. And by completing your own review on Wotif.com after you stay, you can share your experience to help other travelers too.

We're only just getting started with our Wotif.com accommodation reviews, so if you enjoy sharing your opinion with the world, keep an eye out for updates in the near future.

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Wotif you could keep a list of your favourite places to stay?

It’s easy to shortlist the accommodation you’re searching on Wotif.com. When searching for accommodation deals you’ll see a blue icon named ‘Add property to shortlist’ to the left of each accommodation name.

Click the ‘Shortlist’ icon to add a property to your favourites list. To remove a property from your shortlist, simply click the ‘Shortlist’ icon again.

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Wotif you need directions?

If you're looking for accommodation in a particular location, take a look at our maps.

You’ll find a map section on each accommodation property page, below the room options.

Click the ‘Show a map’ button to open a map showing the exact location of that particular accommodation. You can switch between a map or satellite view, zoom in and out, and move the map around to see other areas. You can also view points of interest on the map including airports, attractions, and entertainment and sporting venues.

If you need directions to or from your accommodation, simply click a point on the map. You can also view the estimated distance and time it will take to travel there.

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Mobile & tablets

Booking accommodation on the go is easy with our mobile site and app.

You're only ever a few taps away from your next break with our free app for iPhone®, iPad® and Android. Wot are you waiting for? Find out more info here and download our free app on the App Store or Google Play now.

Know and love how the current site works? Simply visit www.wotif.com in your mobile internet browser and you’ll be automatically directed to the mobile optimised site.

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Wotif you could get our best deals sent directly to your inbox?

Sign up to Wotmail and get the very best in accommodation and flight deals each week, direct to your email inbox. Once you’re signed up, be sure to tell us more about the kind of deals you’d like by answering our Wotmail profile questions.

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Wotif you wanted more space on your next getaway?

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next getaway, check out our range of great holiday rental deals.

Making a booking is quick and easy with up-to-date prices and availability listed for all rental properties. Bookings are confirmed instantly and you only need to pay a deposit up front when you book.

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Currency Converter

Wotif we made it easier to budget for your next international getaway?

Our currency converter makes it easy for you to search accommodation in another country and currency. For example, if you're browsing through a list of hotels in Thailand, click the displayed currency link in the top-right of the search results page and select your preferred currency. This will change the display to show the approximate cost of the deal in the new currency.

Our currency converter is designed to give you a rough idea of wot the deal costs in the second currency, and the final booking page will display the currency the booking will be processed in. Remember currency markets and exchange rates can change at any time, so you should only use this as an approximate guide.